What is the Difference Between Sheer and Voile Curtains? (Solved!)

The importance of curtains for the overall look and feel of the room can hardly be overestimated.

Besides contributing to the overall composition and style of the living space, they also bring so much more.

Curtains dictate the lighting in the room, define the general ambiance, and increase the level of privacy for people inside.

Of course, the type of curtain determines how exactly will it fit and function within the overall interior design.

People who enjoy plenty of light and don’t want their curtains blocking the sun usually opt for sheer or voile curtains.

However, understanding the difference between these two types is often an issue when shopping for new curtains.

Some even believe that these are one and the same.

Below, I’ll explain what is the difference between sheer and voile curtains, how they relate to each other, and which may be a better choice for you.

What Are Sheer Curtains?

Sheer curtain in the sunlight.

Sheer curtains have been in style for centuries, from the home in the Victorian age to modern interior design solutions.

And, it’s easy to understand why.

As they’re made from translucent, lightweight, and thin fabrics, sheer curtains’ main feature is their transparency.

This is achieved by using various suitable materials, including cotton, polyester, voile, linen, and others.

Each of them can come in different colors, patterns, and textures, adding to the versatility of sheer curtains.

The main reason why people choose sheer curtains is that they provide a touch of class and style to the room, but don’t block the sunlight.

More precisely, they let in enough light to create a soft lighting effect that adds aesthetic appeal and character to the room.

Plus, they work well with other items used to cover the windows.

You can combine them with more opaque and thicker curtains, window blinds, or roller shades.

Pros And Cons Of Sheer Curtains

Sheer curtains bring plenty of benefits to homeowners who decide to use them to enhance the appeal of their interior.

However, they do come with a few downsides that may be a deal-breaker for some people.



Sheer curtains let natural light into the room providing an airy and elegant ambiance to the room during the day.

Furthermore, it blocks most of the harmful UV rays creating a more healthy living environment.

Thanks to this, spending the day in a room on a bright sunny day is much more enjoyable.


Besides lighting up the room, sheer curtains are great for daytime privacy.

As long as it’s brighter outside than inside, you’ll be hidden from the eyes of by-passers.

This is particularly important for rooms on the ground floor.


As sheer curtains can be made from several different fabrics and using various colors and patterns, they provide much-needed versatility to the interior designer.

With a selection that divers, it’s always easy to find the sheer curtain that will fit perfectly with the rest of the interior design elements.



While sheer curtains offer privacy during the day, at night it’s a whole different story.

If you have your light turned on, outsiders can usually clearly see what’s going on inside.

Obviously, this is especially an issue for bedrooms or living rooms at a street level.


Sheer curtains are poor insulators.

Unlike some thicker and more opaque types of curtains, sheers are not good absorbers of reflectors of heat or cold, mainly due to the light fabric they’re made of.

What Are Voile Curtains?

Window with Voile Curtains.

As I already explained, sheer curtains are made using a wide range of different materials.

However, probably the most popular kind are the voile curtains.

Voile Curtains are made of cotton or cotton blended with linen and polyester. This gives them a natural look and more ability to filter the lights.

This type of curtains feature a high thread count per inch of fabric which creates a strong fabric with a super-smooth finish.

The clean and elegant design of the voile curtain makes them an easy fit in most rooms.

People use them as the sole window covering, but also in combination with heavier drapes or window blinds.

They work well with all kinds of windows but are particularly great with those that feature large glass surfaces.

Commonly, voile curtains are designed in a plain style, but may also come in floral or geometrical patterns.

Pros And Cons Of Voile Curtains

If you’re on the fence about getting voile curtains, consider their advantages and disadvantages.



Like other types of sheer curtains, voiles filter the light and provide a soft and airy look to your room.


Voile curtains are good for allergen, as they are very tightly woven and keep toxic airborne elements and pollen outside of your home.


They’re very easy and simple to clean. Voile curtains can even be washed in the washing machine, using mild detergent and cold water.


Voiles are rather affordable compared to some other curtain types.



Sometimes, over a longer period of use, voile curtains can become discolored.


Don’t offer as much versatility as sheer curtains.


Not perfect if you’re trying to create an energy-efficient home.

What Is The Difference Between Sheer And Voile Curtains?

Basically, the main difference between sheer and voile curtains is that the former is the term that indicates several different types of curtains under one umbrella.

The common thing for all of them is that they’re translucent, light, and let the light into the room.

They can be made from various fabrics, each of them giving a characteristic feel and appearance to that particular type of curtain. And, one of those types is the voile curtain.

So, voiles are one of the sheer curtain types, made of pure or blended cotton and with a higher thread count.


When trying to create a stylish ambiance in your room, you can go with voile curtains or use some other type of sheer curtain.

Whichever you choose, one thing is certain. Sheer curtain, including voiles, will be a breath of fresh air for your room and make it feel more warm, open, and spacious.

Besides creating a soft and bright feeling in your room, these curtains are also very practical.

They will help you maintain your privacy during the day, and keep the dust and insects away from your home.

Due to their minimalistic design, sheer and voile curtains will also complement any room and put all the other interior elements in the perfect light.

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