11 Roof Design Ideas You Should Consider For Your New Home


A solid roof and a secure dwelling are fundamental for survival. Starting with basic materials like bricks and mud, roofing has undergone significant evolution. Today, they serve more than just providing shade in modern architecture. When constructing or renovating a house, it’s essential to consider how the roof design impacts the overall appearance. Modern roof designs prioritize ventilation, durability, and even energy generation. Check out the following contemporary roof designs, supported by Pacific Exteriors LLC siding and roofing, guaranteed to catch attention in your neighborhood.

Gable Roof

The Gable style roofing remains a prevalent choice in the roofing industry, characterized by its triangular shape and dual planes meeting at the ridge. Offering versatility in style, it accommodates various materials like asphalt shingles, tiles, and metal. Its popularity among roofers stems from its customizable nature, which is adaptable to different pitches, ensuring excellence in design and flexibility. Opting for Gable Style roofing for your home offers a multitude of advantages.

Hipped Roof

The design resembles the Gable style, but the roof covers all sides of the house, featuring four planes. Opting for this style ensures full protection. Like the Gable, it offers versatility in materials such as metal panels and shingles, promising effective shelter tailored to your requirements.

Gambrel Roof

The Gambrel architectural style features a distinctive roof design with dual slopes on opposite sides, resembling a barn roof. This design provides striking visual appeal and is well-suited for compact rooms or attics. However, it’s not recommended for homes in heavy snow areas due to potential structural strain. Gambrel roofs are compatible with various materials like metal, asphalt, and wood.

Butterfly House Roof

The V-shaped roof, reminiscent of butterfly wings, is split into two sections sloping down and meeting at the center. Numerous regions appreciate its aesthetic appeal and widespread use. Furthermore, it can incorporate a water collection system in the central tank, enabling ample sunlight through windows on taller walls. Its streamlined design helps it withstand severe storms and winds without damage.

Mansard Roof

Opting for the Mansard-style roof offers homeowners a timeless charm. With its distinct dual slopes at right angles on each side, this style, originating in France, gained popularity in the US around 1900. Its adaptability suits various architectural preferences, blending seamlessly from classic to modern homes.

Combo Roof

If you appreciate diverse roofing styles and want to blend them, consider integrating various elements into a customized roof. Popular choices include combining shed, gable, or hipped styles and incorporating dormers for personalized natural lighting. Opting for a custom design not only shapes your home’s interior space but also influences ceiling configurations. Different styles offer benefits like enhanced insulation, ventilation, light, and overall system protection.


While selecting home roof styles might appear straightforward, the process is nuanced. Your roof design establishes the architectural tone of your entire home, and when paired with suitable materials, it yields distinctive styles.

Pest-resistant Low-profile Roof

A low-profile roof proves advantageous in pest-prone regions, thwarting their attempts to infiltrate your home. Beyond functionality, its sleek, contemporary look enhances your property’s aesthetics. Moreover, its affordability caters to diverse budgets, making it a practical choice for many. When contemplating roof upgrades, consider the appeal of a four-sided double slope roof.

Curved Roof

Among roofing options, a curved roof stands out for its elegance and distinctiveness. Adding such a feature elevates your home’s exterior, exuding sophistication. Whether crafted from metal, shingles, or tiles, curved roofs effortlessly complement any architectural style, from classic to contemporary. Embrace the curved roof to set your home apart with style.

Flat Roof

Flat roofs are commonly found on modern homes, often hidden from street view but demanding durable roofing materials. Although aesthetics take a back seat, efficient water runoff remains paramount, especially on the gentle incline. In colder regions, opt for roofing materials capable of withstanding heavy snow loads.

Skillion Roof

A skillion roof, alternatively known as a lean-to, slopes in a singular direction, forming a roof structure with striking inclines. It can be utilized in designated sections or across the entirety of a residence for a modern, daring exterior. Shed roofs often integrate diverse angles in distinct parts for added visual interest. This design is effective in regions with intense precipitation, facilitating rapid drainage due to its steep slant.

Clay Tile Roof

Vivid hues and the tactile surface of tile roofs draw the eye. Commonly found on Spanish or Mediterranean-inspired residences, clay tiles are favored in the Southwestern region for their ability to repel intense sunlight, thus maintaining cooler indoor temperatures.


Despite being costly, this roofing material boasts durability. The stucco finish of this house harmonizes with the rich tones and textures of the tile roof.

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