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Pergo vs Smartcore – A Comparison

Installing a new floor at your home or replacing the old one can be a very daunting and time-consuming task. You have to measure the space properly, cut the tiles or planks so they can fit, and lay down and lock all the pieces so they remain tightly locked and secure. However, before doing ...

Thoroseal vs Drylok – What’s The Difference?

Keeping the house dry is essential for creating a healthy living environment. Humidity caused by water leakages will not only ruin the walls and floors but can also have a damaging effect on the health of your family. That's why it's so important to prevent water from the environment from ...

Window Well Without Drain – Is it Possible?

As they're below ground level, basements are typically dark, moist, and musty places. The easiest way to change this and make this part of the house more tolerable and livable is to install windows and window wells. Basement windows and window wells are important as they allow natural ...

Is Thinset Waterproof? Exploring its Capabilities

One of the most popular mortar types, thinset is specifically designed to adhere tiles to walls. It's typically made of sand, cement, and water retention agents and is available either as a dry powder or in pre-mixed form. The main difference between thinset and other kinds of mortars and ...

Should Roof Vent Pipe Be Covered? (Answered!)

In modern plumbing, roof vent pipes are an indispensable part of how these systems operate. Thanks to the pipes going through the roof, the house can have proper ventilation. Vent pipes reduce humidity and allow sewage gases to vent, eliminating unpleasant smells from the bathroom and ...

Can A Roof Vent Pipe Have An Elbow?

No plumbing system would be able to function properly and do what it's supposed to without vent pipes. These vent pipes help maintain adequate pressure in the system, ensuring there are no clogs and the water drains easily when you empty the sink or flush. Additionally, exhaust pipes vent ...

Can Drywall Get Rained On? (Find Out The Truth!)

Nowadays, drywall is a common element in almost every home. It's fairly cheap, easy to install, and great for creating separation between the rooms. It's rather sturdy and resistant to various kinds of damage. Still, as its name implies, drywall should stay dry and keep away from moisture. ...

Does Spackle Go Bad? (Answered In Detail)

When it comes to certain types of wall repairs, such as filling holes and dents, or fixing smaller damaged areas, there's no better compound than spackle. It's elastic, with minimal shrinkage, and dries up very quickly, meaning you can paint or sand over it immediately. However, as the ...

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