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Drylok vs Kilz – What Is Better?

Moisture is one of the homeowner's biggest and most dangerous enemies. If not dealt with on time, moisture and humidity in the house can cause all sorts of trouble. These issues can ruin the aesthetic appeal of your home but also lead to more severe problems. Moisture provides fertile ...

Clear Caulk vs White – Which One To Use?

Every house, especially those older ones, has various gaps and cracks, that need to be sealed to prevent water and air leakage. Doing this will prevent further damage, but also increase the insulation levels in your home and make it more energy-efficient. The easiest and the most practical ...

R11 Vs R13 Insulation – What’s The Difference?

One of the main things you'll have to think about when building a new home or renovating an old one is insulation. No matter how nice your house looks or how cozy it feels, the life inside will be anything but comfortable without proper insulation. However, those who are encountering the ...

Is Drylok Bad For Basement Walls? (Answered!)

A dry basement is one of the keys to keeping your house safe, healthy to live in, and visually appealing. Moisture in the basement can lead to the development of mold, fungi growth, wood rot, and other problems. Combined, these issues may compromise your home's structural stability and ...

Can You Spackle Over Paint?

Maintaining your house walls can be difficult but that's the only way you can save thousands of dollars per year. Since paint jobs for a house can cost anywhere around $3000-$5000, you have to keep the walls tidy and neat through DIY. Now if you've been there, you must know how tiring a ...

6 Best Wood Filler For Screw Holes In 2023

Every kind of wood item requires repairing once in its lifetime. Screw holes are a particular issue in doors, paintings, and even wooden floors. These holes can appear in the most unexpected places. So, the best solution is wood fillers for screw holes. Wood fillers can easily make the ...

Can You Reuse Screw Holes? (In-Depth Guide)

It's probably impossible to count how many screws there are in every home. Even though we pay much attention to them, once we screw them into the wall or wood panel, these little guys do tremendous work in keeping the house together. They hold TV sets, paintings, mirrors, cabinets, ...

Can You Use Semi Gloss Paint On Ceiling?

When repainting the house interior, choosing the wall paint will likely be the first thing on your mind. However, you should also carefully consider what type of finish to use on your ceilings. Making the right choice here will do wonders for the whole room. It can brighten up the whole ...

Douglas Fir Vs Cedar (Interior, Exterior, Cost)

When building a new home, renovating an old one, or simply working on a small DIY project in your household, you'll have to decide what materials to use. This is an even more significant matter if the structure you're building is outdoors and exposed to weather elements. Of course, ...


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