Dining Room
Are Glass Dining Tables Out of Style In 2022? (Answered!)

A dining table holds a special place in every home. It's a place of gathering for the whole family as well as friends. When it's stylish and nice-looking, it can also add a touch of grace to the entire space and elevate the whole dining experience. For long, glass dining tables have been ...

Do Dining Chairs Have To Fit Under The Table? (Solved!)

Have you ever shopped for dining chairs only to find that they're too tall or wide to fit under your table? It can be frustrating, especially if you love the style of the chairs but can't use them because they don't fit. So, do dining chairs have to fit under the table? Let's find out! ...

How To Protect Dining Room Table From Scratches?

In most homes, the dining room table is the focal point of family life. It's the centerpiece of family gatherings and a place not only to enjoy the meal, but to communicate and share stories about everyone's day. However, it's probably the piece of furniture that takes the most beating and ...

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