5 Niche Interior Design Styles You Should Consider Trying

Today, minimalism and mid-century modern styles are all across social media, influencing everyone, but a whole world of interior design styles is waiting to be discovered.

From the cozy to the quirky, these under-the-radar design options could be the secret element your home needs to stand out.

This article explores five niche interior design styles you should consider for your next home remodel. Trust us–you won’t regret taking the road less traveled.

Remodeling Your Home: 5 Niche Interior Design Styles to Consider

Memphis Design

Memphis Design is your go-to style if you’re tired of all-neutral palettes and crave something more dynamic. Invented in the 1980s, this design trend is about breaking the rules. We’re talking bright colors, bold patterns, and quirky shapes. Imagine a couch that looks more like a piece of abstract art, and you’re on the right track.

But how do you make this work without overwhelming your space? Balance is key. If you add geometric-shaped planters or bold graphic artwork on the walls, keep the rest of the room simple.

The color scheme in Memphis Design typically involves a mix of pastels and brights, such as teal with pink or yellow with black.

Boho-Industrial Fusion


You might think, “Boho and industrial together? Really?” But yes, it’s a match made in design heaven. Boho loves those cozy, hand-made textiles and trinkets that tell stories, while the industrial design is all about that warehouse vibe–metals, unfinished wood, and exposed pipes. So, how do you mix them?

Start with the basics. Get a comfy boho couch and toss some knitted or fringed cushions. How about hanging some metal pendant lights from the ceiling for the industrial touch? Finally, place an industrial-style coffee table with metal legs to complete the look.

Vintage Tropical

Have you seen those old movies set in exotic beach locations, where everything is relaxed yet elegant? That’s the vibe we’re going for with Vintage Tropical.

First, you’ll want some natural materials—rattan or wicker furniture is a great place to start. A bamboo coffee table can also work wonders here.

Then, add the vintage. How about some classic travel posters from the 50s or 60s hung in wooden frames? If you’re up for a DIY project, even better! Turn some old suitcases into a quirky bookshelf or side table. Finally, don’t forget the tropical touch. A few potted palms or bird of paradise plants can instantly transport you to a beachside retreat.

Rustic Glam

Why choose between luxury and comfort when you can have both? Rustic Glam is all about mixing the comfy, cozy feel of a countryside cabin with touches of high-end glamour. Picture a wooden, rustic dining table topped with an elegant table runner and crystal candle holders. Sounds cool.


Popular choices for the living room include a plush velvet sofa sitting atop a distressed wood floor. Drape a faux fur throw over the armrest, and you’ve got yourself a setting that’s both cozy and fabulous. Lighting plays a crucial role here, so consider a chandelier or some gold or brass light fixtures to elevate the space.


Where Scandinavian Meets Japanese

Scandinavian design champions minimalism and functionality, and so does Japanese design—so why not bring them together? Pick furniture that’s low to the ground, in keeping with Japanese tradition, but look for pieces in light-colored woods popular in Scandinavian style.

Add some neutral-toned cushions and a minimalist wool rug. Finish it with uncluttered shelves displaying a few hand-picked items—maybe a Japanese tea set or Scandi ceramic vases. The result? A space that feels open, airy, and utterly zen.

Key Takeaways

From the cozy fusion of Boho-Industrial to the bold expressiveness of Memphis Design, each of these niche styles offers something special. Choosing one of these interior design styles is like taking the road less traveled—it might seem intimidating at first, but the result is a home as unique as you are. Make sure to:

  • Mix elements from different styles to create a unique space.
  • Create a balance in your interior design for the best outcome.
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