6 Best Wood Filler For Screw Holes In 2023

Every kind of wood item requires repairing once in its lifetime. Screw holes are a particular issue in doors, paintings, and even wooden floors.

These holes can appear in the most unexpected places. So, the best solution is wood fillers for screw holes.

Wood fillers can easily make the wood’s appearance better and remove any imperfections.

With wood fillers, along with their masking ability, and their hard setting ability, new holes can also be subsequently screwed in if required.

But with so many options available, it can be challenging to know which product to choose.

In this article, I’ll review the top wood fillers for screw holes on the market, evaluating each one based on key factors such as drying time, ease of use, and durability.

By the end of this guide, you’ll be able to select the best wood filler for your project and achieve a seamless finish for your screw holes.

J-B Weld KwikWood – Wood Repair Epoxy Putty Stick

Epoxy wood fillers are the best wood fillers for screw holes.

The Wood Repair Epoxy Putty Stick is an application-friendly, mixable epoxy with instant setting time and high effectiveness.

It is mixable so one needs not get any professional help to apply it. It is economical and will not rot like other fillers containing solvents.

With a cure time of only 1 hour, it can be used for any external or internal woodworks.

It matches the density of the wood and increases strength by becoming a building block of wood.

It can be used for DIY home repairs for all household items. It gives durability to the wood, preventing it from future scratches and cracks.

Its application gives a light tan color to the wood, making the screw holes almost invisible.

In my opinion, it is the best epoxy wood filler for screw holes in household items.

  • It strengthens the wood.
  • It merges with the wood thoroughly, masking any screw holes.
  • It can be easily drilled and shaped according to future needs.
  • J-B Weld KwikWood Wood Repair Epoxy Putty Stick is user-friendly.
  • It does not have a vast color range, making it unsuitable for some wood.

GoodFilla – Water Based Wood Filler

GoodFilla water-based wood filler is one of the best water-based wood fillers for screw holes, giving a durable and waterproof finish to the wood.

It is easy to apply, sets quickly, and fills all the grooves and holes in the wood.

With a range of colors available, GoodFilla water-based wood filler helps to hold out water longer.

This property makes the filler more adhesive.

Mixed with glue, it gives a water-resistant finish so that the screw holes do not open up when they come in contact with water.

GoodFilla’s Water Based Wood Filler can be easily scrapped and drilled for screw holes when needed.

It can be mixed with dyes for the custom color that one needs and will not fall out under any circumstance.

It is inflammable and can be mixed with water, to prevent drying out.

With unlimited shelf life and lifetime usage, it is no doubt the best wood filler for screw holes.

  • It has an unlimited shelf life.
  • It is economical and waterproof.
  • It has easy application and quick setting time.
  • It is available in a wide range of shades and can be turned into a custom shade if needed.
  • It can clog the sandpaper if not dried completely.
  • The color scheme can mismatch for lighter stains.

Minwax – Stainable Wood Filler

Minwax Stainable Wood filler is the leading used wood filler for screw holes. With its liquid consistency, it can be mixed with a solvent to fill screw holes.

It is suitable for interior and exterior use. It is easy to apply and strengthens the wood.

After its application, wood becomes resistant to stains. It makes the surface of wood easy to paint, so one can color it in any desired shade.

Minwax Stainable Wood Filler does not shrink or fall out. It is drillable and can hold screws and nails.

It dries quickly and gives the surface a durable finish. The screw holes become almost unrecognizable after the first usage.

With high durability and cost-effective usage, it is one of the best stainable wood fillers for screw holes.

  • It tightly holds screws.
  • It is stainable and paintable.
  • It is best for indoor and outdoor usage.
  • It is economical and easy to use.
  • Sometimes the stain is not removed thoroughly, it can leave a subtle mark behind.

DAP – All Purpose Wood Filler

With its quick setting times and strengthening ability, DAP white all-purpose plastic wood filler is very effective for screw holes.

It quickly hardens and gives the best finish to goods.

With real wood strands, it increases wood’s durability and hides all the imperfections like screw holes.

DAP All Purpose Wood Filler does not fall out due to its plastic property. It can be used for any type of woodwork, indoors and outdoors.

Due to its plastic consistency, it can be stained, painted, and drilled accordingly.

It is easy to use, solvent friendly, and persistent. It can be used for any custom wood color due to its shade being white.

For strength and hole filling, DAP all-purpose plastic wood filler is the best wood filler for screw holes.

  • It tightly fits screws.
  • It is stainable and paintable.
  • It increases the toughness of wood.
  • It provides high wood performance.
  • It set quickly and gives long-lasting results.

Elmer’s – Carpenter’s Wood Filler

Elmer’s carpenter wood filler is an effective wood filler for screw holes.

It is free from any solvents and user-friendly. It is highly adhesive and doesn’t crack under adverse conditions.

It is waterproof and provides ease of cleaning up in case of any spill.

Elmer’s Carpenter’s Wood Filler gives a durable and smooth finish to the wood. Its natural color makes it merge with the wood seamlessly.

Being paintable and sandable, it doesn’t clog sandpaper and makes it easy to paint any desired color.

Its packaging allows it not to dry up if left open for longer periods. Its tube is resealable so it can be used multiple times and has a longer shelf life.

Based on its adhesion and reusability, it is one of the best wood fillers for screw holes.

  • It has high adhesion.
  • It can be painted and drilled.
  • It is resealable and does not dry out if left uncapped.
  • Its natural color fits with the color scheme of the wood.
  • It is easy to use and does not require professional assistance.
  • It is for indoor use only.
  • Under high stress, the filling may crack.

Gorilla – All Purpose Wood Filler

Being a strong and durable product in the market, Gorilla all-purpose wood filler is a unique formula that readily fills screw holes.

It gives the wood surface a professional touch and provides a waterproof finish. It does not crack under stress and gives strength to the wood.

It provides the wood with properties like stainability, which gives long-lasting results.

Gorilla’s All Purpose Wood Filler is eligible for both indoor and outdoor usage. Its consistency makes it easy to apply.

It can also be molded according to the respective tool. It is highly adhesive and increases the durability of woodworks.

Along with screw holes, it can be used for filling cracks and other punctures in the wood.

All of these properties make it the best all-purpose wood filler for screw holes.

  • It is waterproof.
  • It is high performance and durable.
  • It is paintable, sandable, and stainable.
  • It has high adhesion and gives strength to wood.
  • It can be used for external and internal purposes.
  • If the bottle is left open for a longer time, it can dry out.

How To Use Wood Filler For Screw Holes

Color Matching

Before filling the screw hole, it is necessary that the color of the wood filler matches the crew holes.

With the above-discussed best wood fillers of screw holes in various shades, any of them can be selected based on your need.

Cleaning And Drying

The next step is to clean out any dust from the screw hole and then use a putty knife to fill the hole with filler up to the surface.

After filling, wait for the filler to dry. Based on the type of wood filler used, it can take some time for it.

Sanding And Painting

Next, sand the hardened wood filler to bring it to the patched level. Clean the surface after sanding and then paint according to need.

Can You Screw Into Wood Filler?

The answer to the question is Yes. It’s possible to screw holes after filling the holes.

The best filler for screwing is epoxy filler. But there are other wood fillers for screw holes in the market that are screwable.


The thing to look out for while screwing is to ensure that the filler is completely dry.

There are no air bubbles in the filler.

New holes must be screwed based on the strength of wood filler and its handling power.

No unnecessary screw holes must be made.


Internal and external structures made of wood are highly susceptible to screw holes so it is necessary that one knows all the best wood fillers for screw holes in the market.

No one knows when the need may arise. All the discussed wood fillers are easy to use and high strength.

The decision must be based upon the type of screw hole needed to be filled.

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