How Much Storage is Too Much Storage?


Having too much storage in your home might sound like something that could never be a bad thing; however, that is not always the case. When buying or renting a property, storage is one of the main things that most people consider. Whether there is enough storage is usually the question people ask themselves. Find affordable long distance movers

Whether you are moving into a home as a family, sharing accommodation with a friend, or moving into a property alone, storage is an important consideration. If you are moving into a property that does not have enough inbuilt storage, you could take that opportunity to purchase furniture that can be used for storing items.

Furniture for Storage

You may find that there is no, or not enough, inbuilt storage in your home, so you will purchase storage items such as a wardrobe and chest of drawers, or you may choose a long bedside table instead of drawers. While these items are very standard for bedroom storage, you could find other items when shopping.

You can buy many forms of hidden storage, too, such as beds with drawers underneath or a lift-up bed. You could purchase seat benches with storage underneath also. With all of this just for one room in your home and hidden storage options for other rooms, too, we begin to question if all of the storage is really necessary.

Too Much Storage?

Many furniture stores will sell you sets for rooms in your home, so you can purchase a bedroom storage set or a living room storage set. Often, sets of furniture are sold at a considerable discount, making them more appealable to buyers, especially if you are starting out in your first home.

Furniture is one of the biggest costs you will have when moving into a property after the cost of the property itself. So many people will begin shopping for this as soon as they have their deposit together.


While extra storage, especially if guests do not realize that is what an item of furniture provides, may sound like an excellent idea, it can encourage keeping items you do not need.

Naturally, most people will remove items from their homes when they no longer need them or when they run out of space. If you do not have enough storage space, you will need to think about what you want to keep in your home.

However, with hidden storage furniture, many people find they can always make room for items they do not necessarily need to keep in their homes. So, if you have fallen into this situation, what can you do?

Begin Decluttering

Decluttering may seem like the wrong term when you cannot see the items out in the open in your home. However, this is exactly what it is: you have cluttered your home with items that you do not really need that are taking up space.

The best way to declutter is to go room by room within your home and begin to remove the items you do not use or need. This should not only be the items you can see, as you will more often remove items that are in your eyeline.

You should go through every storage space within each room as well and remove the ‘out of sight, out of mind’ items that may have been there for years. Open drawers, lift your mattress, get the boxes out from under your bed, and go through the clothes in your wardrobe.

Clearing your private space is often the most difficult and most commonly put-off room in the house. People generally keep the areas that guests will see as free from clutter as possible, but when it comes to their bedroom, they are less likely to remove unneeded items.

Small Steps if Needed

If discarding items is difficult for you, or you attach sentimental value to items that you maybe should not, then make small changes to the way you store items. This could be choosing not to put items away to be stored until you know you wish to keep them.

Alternatively, you could make a game or challenge of decluttering your home. Have a friend pick an agreed number of items to remove from your home and abide by what they wish to remove. If this feels too overwhelming, allow yourself three ‘saves’ of items you do not have to get rid of.

If you are only allowing yourself to keep a very small number of the larger number being removed, it will show you how much you do not actually need. Choosing between the items you wish to keep will make you think more about which items you have in your home and which items are really necessary.

If tackling a full room feels too big, then you can work through each storage area in turn. We recommend that if you are easily overwhelmed or begin to feel anxious, you take a break between storage areas to allow yourself to calm down.

Storage is Still Important

There is no denying the fact that everyone needs storage in their home for both essential items and for keepsakes. There are very few people who will have no sentimental items in their homes. The important thing is to ensure that you do not attach sentimental value to every item in your home.


You will, of course, need somewhere to store your clothes, crockery, bedding, and many more essential household items. However, it is important to think about the amount of storage you need and how much you actually purchase.

Having more storage than you need is a temptation to continue buying items to fill space within your home. This way of thinking can quickly develop into cluttering your home, making each room more difficult to clean and making rooms feel smaller, too.

We recommend that any storage options you buy fit in with the decor of your room and home and are in keeping with your style. Purchasing unsightly or contrasting designs for the sake of the space they give will affect the aesthetic of your home.

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