How to Create a Stylish And Functional Home Office With Furniture And Decorative Accents


Whether you’re a full-time freelancer or do one work-from-home day each week, having a functional and stylish home office can boost your productivity. These home office ideas use sleek storage furniture and decorative accents to keep your desk neat and organized, so you never have to rustle through an unorganized stack of papers again.

Make The Most of Your Space

Whether your home office is a dedicated room or a small area within an open-plan living space, it’s worth building with plenty of cabinetry. This keeps oft-used files up high and everyday supplies close at hand without compromising the clean lines of your desk.

Hide utilitarian shelves behind stylish curtains and add personal touches to take the edge off your work. Displaying framed photos or funny figurines on your desktop can make it feel more like your home than a soulless cubicle.

Add a Snuggler

The best home decor and office furniture Kanata should inspire creativity and reflect your style. Choose extras like pretty mugs and pencil holders, decorative wastebaskets, stylish notepads, and sticky notes to add comfort and elevate your workspace.

If your home office is in a closet, consider adding a swivel snuggler that doubles as storage and seating.

Create a Gallery Wall

You don’t need a cavernous room to curate a gallery wall – a well-designed layout can significantly impact small home offices. The trick is to keep your arrangement cohesive.

A good rule of thumb is to group pieces with similar themes. This can be a great way to showcase your travels, family photos, or even framed art others have gifted you.

Consider using matting on your frames to add visual separation between prints for a polished look. And remember to incorporate a few plants for their stress-busting properties!

Add Elevated Supplies

If your home office is in an open-plan room, stashing rarely-used files up high and oft-used paperwork within wraparound shelving helps keep desk clutter out of sight. A stacked bookcase can also serve as a stylish home office decor idea.

Feel free to fill your workspace with knick-knacks and souvenirs that inspire you and bring personality, like this small home workstation from designer Anita Yokota. Incorporate houseplants in varying heights and leaf shapes for visual interest.


Hang Statement-Making Wallpaper

Color and pattern play an essential role in home office design. To help you choose, consider your work and how you want to feel in your space.

If your job is creative or requires inspiration, a floral wallpaper could be perfect for your home workspace. A lily-leaf pattern creates a fresh, clean ambiance that can inspire your imagination and creativity.

Add a few stylish home office decor elements, like a pretty mug for your pencil holder or trendy sticky notes and paper. You can even hang a plant to add a green touch and help improve air quality.

Create a Fold-Down-Desk

Try a fold-down desk to create a home office that works in an awkwardly shaped nook. Paint the supports the same color as the wall to help it blend in with the rest of your decor.

Whether you use your home office for work or want a designated space to get things done, a functional and stylish room is essential. Add a few decorative home accessories to give the area personality.

Add Vintage Accents

Show off your style in your home office with decorative accents that reflect your unique aesthetic. This sophisticated home office by Sarah Stacey features vibrant floral wallpaper and an eye-catching pink area rug that warms up the gray cabinetry and desk chair.

Use a non-adhesive frosted window film to add privacy to your home office without blocking natural light. It’s a quick and inexpensive way to give your room a stylish and functional update.


Keep it Cozy

A home office is an excellent opportunity to use fabric as decor. Instead of wall-to-wall office wallpaper, try a simple Roman blind in a playful pattern as a room divider or desk accent.

Home office decorations can be as important as furniture to make your workspace feel comfortable and welcoming. Choose art and area rugs that coordinate with your scheme and add personal touches like photos and trinkets to inspire creativity and motivation.

Add a Table Lamp

A table lamp is an ideal way to tie a home office to the rest of the room. Look for a design similar to the wall art and other decorative accents in the space to create a cohesive aesthetic.

Bold wallpaper is a smart home office decor idea that adds personality and drama to an otherwise neutral space. Here, a tropical motif is echoed in the cabinetry, geometric wall art, and pendant light to craft an intentional style.

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