How To Use Equestrian Decor Elements Without Looking Tacky

So, you have a passion for horses, and you cannot live without them. Good. There is nothing wrong with that.

Most people who spend most of their lives around horses love to include some equestrian décor elements in their homes. However, when we talk about style, there is a thin line of using equestrian décor elements. It can either look very elegant, but if you slightly overdo it, it might become tacky.

So, how do you set up a line, and what do you look out for when using equestrian décor elements?

Well, you’d want to create an ambiance that doesn’t scream ‘horses. Instead, it should be subtle and almost unnoticeable. In other words, you don’t have to put a huge horse painting or hang horseshoes on your walls to give your home that equestrian vibe.

In today’s article, we will speak more about equestrian décor and how to set it up properly.

Understanding Equestrian Chic

The most common mistake that people make when adding equestrian flavor to their décor is incorporating many horse elements, making the space look too crowded. It isn’t about placing horse prints everywhere. It is more about capturing the equestrian life.

Try to think about colors, theme, and design without adding too many horse elements.

Curate, Don’t Accumulate

So, what’s the secret for equestrian elegance? Well, it is all about curating over accumulating. Every section of your equestrian-themed room should feel like it has a story to tell, whether it is about an antique riding crop or beautiful equestrian art that captures the spirit of the equestrian lifestyle.

You should always prioritize adding a few chosen pieces that speak more about the culture and heritage of the equestrian lifestyle instead of a dozen horse-themed trinkets that will add weight to the room and make it feel cluttered.

Materials Matter: Leather, Wood, and Metals

When creating the perfect equestrian ambient, you need to choose the right materials. It is always best to go with natural materials such as wood, metals, or leather.

A leather ottoman, reclaimed wood shelving, or brass accents can subtly nod to the theme without screaming, “I wanted to bring the stable home with me.”

Color Palette

Consider the shades you’d encounter on a morning ride through the countryside when choosing colors: rich browns and deep greens, with accents of navy or burgundy. These hues give the space a refined yet natural vibe that allows your carefully chosen horse accessories to really pop.

Horse Racing Room

If you are a fan of horse racing, try creating a room that speaks about horse racing history. Try adding some fun memorabilia on the walls, interesting facts about racing, and, of course, a big TV to watch the races.


You can also add a bar that is ready to make you a Mint Julep. According to TwinSpires you can make a small betting guide just to let your non-equestrian friends know about the process of placing a wager.


A well-lit room may make or ruin your concept for the decor. Choose warm, cozy lighting that conjures up images of early mornings in the stable or late afternoons in the field for a space with an equestrian theme. A rustic-finished chandelier or lantern-style lighting may enhance the atmosphere without taking over the space.

Art and Accessories: The Devil’s in the Details

Select artwork that features classic horse prints or abstract designs that allude to equine shapes. Sophistication is the aim, not an exact replica of a horse on every wall.

Accessory ideas: Experiment and think outside the box, or stable, as it were. Without going overboard, equine-themed bookends, cushions with equestrian themes, or a throw blanket with a slight houndstooth pattern might lend a whimsical touch.

Ask the Experts: What Do They Say?

Have you ever wondered what interior designers think about décor for horses? Many concur that sincerity and balance are key.

Adding components that really represent the equestrian way of life instead of just selecting things with horse themes may have a significant impact. They contend that the secret to eschewing the garish trap is authenticity.

The Pitfalls to Avoid

Overkill: It might be intimidating to go into a space that exclaims, “I love horses!” at every turn. Subtle gestures are what give an area its elegance.

Theme Overload: When you combine too many motifs together, the intended equine elegance may be lost. Maintain a cogent vision.

Prioritize Quality Over Quantity: Instead of buying a ton of inexpensive horse-themed goods, spend your money on a select few high-quality pieces.

Final Words

Starting a cross-country course may be as exciting as starting an equestrian décor project. It calls for dexterity, equilibrium, and a dash of inventiveness.


You may design a room that honors the equestrian way of life without going overboard by using these suggestions. Recall that honesty is the best policy when it comes to equestrian-themed decor and that less is sometimes more.

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