Pet-Friendly Paradises: The Most Popular Bal Harbour Condos for Animal Lovers


In the lush, ocean-breeze-kissed enclave of Bal Harbour, luxury living extends beyond the human residents to their four-legged friends. Recognizing the profound bond between pets and their owners, certain condominiums in Bal Harbour have gone the extra mile to ensure that this exclusive slice of Miami is as welcoming to pets as it is to people.

These pet-friendly paradises stand out not only for their opulence and stunning views but also for their warm embrace of animal companionship.

A New Breed of Luxury Living

At the heart of Bal Harbour’s pet-friendly ethos is the understanding that pets are integral to many families. This has led to a reimagining of luxury living, where amenities and services cater to not just humans but their furry family members as well. In these select condominiums, pets are more than just allowed — they are anticipated and celebrated guests.

Where Pets Live in the Lap of Luxury

Luxury living isn’t solely a human affair. In Bal Harbour, it extends its pampering arms to the furry members of the family. Here’s a glimpse into how pets are living in the lap of luxury in Bal Harbour condos.

Oceana Bal Harbour

Oceana Bal Harbour presents a true sanctuary for pets. Its sprawling outdoor spaces give your animal companions abundant room to frolic and relax. To top it off, a range of pet-centric services, such as grooming and pet-sitting, underline Oceana’s commitment to all-around care.

The St. Regis Bal Harbour Resort

At the St. Regis Bal Harbour Resort, pets are treated to an unmatched level of spoilage. Their exclusive Pet Program offers bespoke pet amenities, including plush beds and a gourmet pet menu. Plus, with a list of nearby pet-friendly venues, a pet’s social diary can be as bustling as that of their owners.

Majestic Tower

Majestic Tower marries convenience with luxury for pets and owners alike.


Easy access to walking-friendly shores and attentive services make this residence a top choice for those who desire nothing but the best for their pets.

Harbour House

Harbour House redefines pet-friendly living with its modern amenities and services tailored for pets. The condominium boasts an on-site pet grooming area to keep your companions looking their best. Additionally, its proximity to Bal Harbour’s pet-friendly parks and beaches makes it an ideal residence for those who enjoy outdoor activities with their pets.

A Community That Cares

Beyond the walls and the lavish amenities of these condominiums lies a community that truly understands and appreciates the value pets add to our lives. They foster a social environment where pet owners can connect, share tips, and even organize playdates for their furry friends.

It’s this sense of community that elevates the experience from simply living in a pet-friendly condo to thriving in a pet-loving community.

Concluding Thoughts

For those who consider their pets to be just as much a part of the family as any human member, finding a home that caters to the needs of their furry friends is paramount. Bal Harbour condos have risen to the occasion, offering facilities and services that ensure pets are not just accommodated but celebrated.


For residents of these pet-friendly paradises, luxury living means sharing a life of comfort and opulence with their beloved pets, making Bal Harbour an idyllic place to call home for every member of the family.

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