The Main Features of the Google Search Console You Want to Use

GSC, short for Google Search Console, has a world of benefits that seasoned SEO professionals and greenhorns can make the most of. Its functionality could be used for the analysis of Internet shopping sites like Shein, online casino platforms like MrBet, and even news portals like the New Zealand Herald. While most SEO and keyword tools utilise “scraped” data from third parties, GSC provides insight into the actual Google search information.

This attribute makes it information-rich and reliable, an invaluable tool for site analysis. Understanding this tool’s features and capabilities is vital to getting the most from it. Fortunately, this quick guide covers all the critical elements of this free Google tool.

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GSC Features

SEO handlers can take advantage of the following GSC features:

Performance Report

Understanding your site’s traffic and user behaviour can inform your decisions. You can easily enhance the user experience, boost engagement, and drive conversions. GSC has a designated “Performance” tab to handle this. The feature lets you scrutinise your site’s traffic and user engagement comprehensively.

Through such reports, you’ll tap into valued insights such as search queries, impressions, and click-through rates, which are pivotal for optimising content and enhancing overall performance. For instance, a high impression yet underperforming click-through rate could signal the need for headline optimisation and improved meta descriptions. The report can help refine your SEO strategy, bolster visibility, and foster engagement.

Site Coverage

The GSC “Coverage” functionality can compare the number of pages submitted via an XML sitemap with the actual indexed pages. This function offers the stats on what pages are being indexed and detects any indexing errors. It’s an incredibly beneficial feature if you own a large website.

HTML Improvements Tool

Despite your meticulous efforts, there are inevitably website areas that require revamping. The “HTML Improvements” tool could conveniently identify such issues and offer suggestions for rectification. These might include common concerns like meta description, title, and non-indexable content problems. Each of these highlighted factors could have a detrimental impact on Google rankings. For instance, having duplicate title tags and meta descriptions can lower your site’s position, while non-indexable content may struggle to rank. Furthermore, lengthy content titles and meta descriptions could likely have a negative impact on a website’s click-through rate. You also want to avoid going too short so you don’t miss out on the opportunity to provide a detailed first impression to Google and searchers.

Unfortunately, the feature is now unavailable; however, many professionals hope it will be back soon with a new, updated version. That’s why it is still necessary to learn its peculiarities and be ready to use it when it’s accessible.

URL Inspection Tool

This tool lets you submit pages that Google hasn’t indexed. The feature helps you tell if your URLs are eligible for ranking. It also identifies issues that prevent the site form from appearing in organic results. Further, this GSC tool is particularly helpful after you’ve significantly updated a page. It makes it easy for the giant search engine to update its index for the page.

Crawl Error Identification

One of the most effective ways to improve your site’s performance is to detect and resolve any crawl-related errors. GSC handles this task perfectly by allowing you to identify pages with crawl issues promptly and take corrective action.

For instance, the tool has the capacity to fix server errors, resolve any broken links, and upgrade robots.txt files. These measures are implemented to ensure proper indexing and ranking of the site by Google. Moreover, you’ll achieve a functional and easy-to-use website when you regularly keep tabs on crawl-related errors in GSC.

Sitemap Submission

Google Search Console also offers a valuable sitemap submission tool to ensure efficient search engine indexing of website pages. When you submit a sitemap, you’ll provide the search engines with a detailed list of your site pages. This action enables seamless discovery and crawling of content.

GSC’s “Sitemaps” feature comes through for large sites with multiple pages. It’s also valuable if your website has dynamic content that Google may not discover through regular crawling.

Penalty Feedbacks

Google may take manual actions against websites that violate its quality guidelines. This action may result in removal from search engines and declining rankings. Violations often stem from practices such as:

● Purchasing backlinks;

● Low-quality content;

● Keyword stuffing;

● Deceitful redirects.

The consequences persist even if a third party hired to manage the website is responsible for the violation. Furthermore, Google may penalise your website if it is compromised by hacking.

Use GSC to Your Advantage!

There you have it, GSC is the answer if you’re trying to improve your traffic, user experience, and SERP ranking. This tool has valuable features that optimize your site content through search analytics.


It also provides real-time facts and figures of the search engine’s perception of your site. Even better, all these features are available for free. So don’t wait; start getting the most from it today!

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