The Most Popular House Painting Styles to Suit Your Personal Taste & Decor


Selecting the right painting style for your home can significantly enhance its visual appeal. Whether you desire an atmosphere, want to make a statement, or add a touch of elegance, choosing the right house painting style can help you achieve your desired effect. As you continue reading, we will explore some of the house painting styles that will suit your taste and complement your decor.

Modern Style

The modern house painting style is characterised by lines, simplicity, and neutral colour palettes. It focuses on creating an uncluttered space, with shades like grey, beige, and soft pastels being popular choices.  Trusted house painters in West Auckland claim that this style lends a sophisticated look to your home while allowing for pops of colour through furnishings or artwork.

Timeless Sophistication

Classic elegance never goes out of fashion. If you prefer a timeless look with a touch of sophistication, consider opting for colors such as cream, ivory, taupe, burgundy, or deep blue. Enhance these colours by incorporating antique-inspired furniture pieces to create an ambience of luxurious homes. Your home will clearly reflect a classy aura and captivate everyone who visits it.

Coastal Delight

If you’re looking to bring a vibe of the ocean and the beaches into your home, embrace the charm of coastal-style house painting. Combining blues, ocean-inspired greens, and sandy creams creates an ambiance that reminds you of relaxing beach vacations. Incorporate accents to mimic the spray of sea waves and add touches of coral-like hues to infuse brightness into the space.

Rustic Cosiness

Create an inviting atmosphere with warmth as your house painting style. Elevate your interiors by using rustic colours like burnt orange, yellow ochre and rich browns paired with neutrals such as deep greens or creamy whites.


With house painters in West Auckland, you will see how you can enhance this style with wood accents, stencils, and distressed furnishings that perfectly blend the charm of a countryside cottage with nature’s touch, resulting in a snug ambiance.

Modern Simplicity

If you prefer lines and an uncluttered environment, modern minimalism is the house painting style for you. Stick to tones like whites, greys and blacks while adding pops of colour through artwork or furnishings. Incorporating glass areas allows natural light to flood the space effortlessly. Minimalist furnishings, along with open floor plans, further enhance the sleekness associated with this style. A simple and modern look is trending right now, and more people are opting for this look.

Eclectic Bliss

For those who have a unique sense of style and appreciate combinations, exploring eclectic ecstasy is definitely worth it. The key here is to mix styles, cultures, and colors. Don’t be afraid to break the rules and dare to pair contrasting hues. Confidently tell your story through art using a variety of textures, such as statement wallpapers and vibrant furnishings, combined with elements to add drama to your living space.

Embrace Scandinavian Simplicity

Scandinavian simplicity offers a minimalistic approach to design. It is characterised by colours like whites, creams, and soft neutrals. Sprinkle some pastels throughout for an added touch. This design style encourages functionality while focusing on creating a serene atmosphere in your home.


You can combine natural wood floors with textured linens and coordinate them with century seating for a cozy, hygge-inspired living space.

Embrace Eastern Effervescence

Bring in the colors, traditions, and ceremonial motifs inspired by cultures from South Asia, the Middle East, and African countries. Incorporate contrasting shades for feature walls that make a bold statement. Add timeless artwork that captures the essence of these cultures.


When it comes to choosing a house painting style that suits your taste and complements your decor, you’ll find a list of options available, whether you prefer modern designs or traditional classics or even want to create rustic warmth or work within an ethnic aesthetic framework. Make sure you settle on one that truly reflects your style preferences partnered with the magic touch of personalisation.

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