Ultimate Tips about How to Decorate Your Home with Rugs


Good-quality rugs have magic powers. Apart from breathing the required homeliness and warmth into any room in your home, whether a minimalist or modern, unstiffening even in the most sterile environments, they also have the power to:

  • Tie together a room and color scheme
  • Divide large spaces into smaller, cozier areas
  • Tone down an otherwise cluttered space
  • Inject color into an otherwise bland room
  • Open-plan living areas
  • Make a room feel more spacious or smaller based on its size and location in your home.

Rugs aren’t just designed for cold floors. They also work perfectly on carpeted areas. They’re a great substitute for wall-to-wall carpeting. With an additional protection layer to your carpets or floors, they’re excellent for use in high-traffic areas. Also, they add coziness and softness to carpeted living rooms or bedrooms.

But when it comes to committing to rugs, what size and style do you pick? Most importantly, how and where do you need to place them in your home? This article dives deeper into the world of rug decorations to unearth more.

Where Should You Start?

Many styles are available to consider. Geometric, modern, patterned (floral, diamond, chevron, etc.), or neutral (wool, rope, rattan, jute), the options are numerous. Also, several popular varieties from leading brands like Serena & Lily, including oriental and kilim, are all available for you to pick from.

The texture of the rug should also be among the key considerations. From knotted to flat weave and hooked to tufted, multiple texture varieties are also available. All these things are much up to your taste, preference, and what suits your interior décor.


But when it comes to ways to incorporate modern rugs in your home, you can easily obtain the design you need by following these simple tips;

Pick the Right Color for Your Rug

One of the most fascinating aspects of having rugs in your home is that you have to choose how they affect the feel and look of your space. You have the ability to keep full control of every room you want to install your rug. Think about the colors in your rooms and what they mean to you.

What do you get when you look at them? Is it a cold or warm sensation? Once you understand the sizes you need, you must find a rug that blends smoothly with your taste or home’s hues. Pick a design and color that perfectly complements your space. To achieve that, you can follow these vital tips:

  • Consider the existing colors of your room
  • Take into consideration your room’s purpose
  • Consider the amount of light in your room

The Right Design

The design of a rug is what makes it a work of art. You may choose your favorite designs and colors by browsing online or contacting experts at top-notch brands such as Serena & Lily to take you through the entire process. With experts, you can easily bring those created masterpieces to life once you’ve got a range of rug ideas.


A design acts as a goal for a handcrafted rug. Discovering a concept is an adventure in itself. It is possible to use the design inspiration you select. From geometrical to floral, you can pick any that perfectly complements your décor and space. Some important tips worth considering include:

  • The size of the rug
  • Texture
  • Room’s overall aesthetic

Tips to Decorate Your Home with Rugs

Understanding how to decorate with high-end rugs is the perfect way to give your house a complete makeover. The most creative and latest decorative trends and tips that can help you make your home look better than before include:

  • Use different rug patterns to create a classic contrast
  • Match your rugs to wall paneling
  • Pair rug color with the furniture upholstery color
  • Define spaces with rugs
  • Create the illusion of a space with rugs
  • Perfectly place rugs under pieces of furniture
  • Add a personality pop with eye-catching designs
  • Use rugs instead of bathmats
  • Hang beautiful rugs on walls

If you understand how to decorate with rugs, you’ll be sure to find the perfect match for your space. Decide how you would want to use rugs to decorate your abode. After that, measure your rug’s space. Once you complete that, browse through the extensive rug collection of Serena & Lily to find the right rug to make your modern home look fabulous.

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