Unique Indoor Plant Design Trends to Elevate Your Living Room



Indoor plants can contribute to a healthier and harmonious living environment. These plants not only represent nature but also bring an ornamental appeal when professionally installed in the living room.

Apart from that, indoor plants significantly boost air quality to create a rejuvenating and soothing atmosphere and enhance well-being.

Adding indoor plants into your living room not only boosts its visual appeal but also offers several other benefits, which include:

  • Reduce levels of noise
  • Create a healthier living environment
  • Minimize levels of stress and tension
  • Boost the quality of air and minimize dust levels
  • Improve emotional and mental well-being
  • Release moisture into the air and help cool the environment

As a homeowner, you’ve got many ways to incorporate indoor plants in your living room. You can decide to go with Gardyn home kit hydroponic gardens or use unique planters and pots.

Also, you can incorporate hanging plants and unique plant displays to elevate your living room’s aesthetic. Let’s discover some unique indoor plant design trends to take the aesthetics of your living room to the next level.

Experiment with Vertical Hydroponic Home Kits

Top-rated hydroponic tower home kits come with the latest technology to enable gardeners to grow their favorite plants in their living rooms. These home kits grow the most produce in the tiniest footprint using the latest smart technology to maximize growth and yields.

With a vertical hydroponic home kit, you can grow healthy, delicious food every season. The vertical hydroponic gardening system’s LED lights are strategically positioned to allow gardeners to raise vining, tall or large plants indoors. The best part is that you can grow full-sized plants with more variety, density, nutrients, and zero pesticides.

Modern hydroponic home kits come with cameras and sensors that help homeowners monitor their plants 24/7. This helps maximize growth with minimal hands-on maintenance. Hydroponic tower gardens allow gardeners to grow:

  • Veggies
  • Fruits
  • Flowers
  • Herbs and more.

You can install your hydroponic system in your living room corner to make it lively. You can also decide to create a living wall.

Up the Ante with Imaginative Planters and Pots

As indoor plant variants increase, so do pot and planter options. A striking pot or planter can be blended with a similarly eye-catching indoor plant for a maximalist appeal and appearance with a sculptural quality.

On the other hand, a low upkeep succulent can be perfectly potted in a minimalist pot for the definitive in understated foliage. Hanging planters and pots are the perfect options for trailing plants. Planters with stands or legs, on the other hand, add extra height to leafy, tall plants.

Go with Hanging Plants

Some people don’t have enough floor space. If you’re one of them, experiment with hanging plants. Styling indoor plants by hanging gardens has already proven to be a wonderful option.

With hanging plants, you can be able to refine your living room design abilities and add a touch of greenery at sight level by creating a serene green paradise in your smaller spaces.


Hanging plants have proven to blend smoothly with smaller living rooms and offices. Also, hanging plants are child and animal-friendly. Many people are happy pet owners and parents.

Hanging their plants above means significantly reduced worries with new kittens, pups, and small kids playing with your plants. Keeping your plants away from accessible locations like floors and furniture surfaces keeps your kids and pets safer.

How Can Gardyn Help You Elevate Your Living Room Aesthetics?

Gardyn provides you with the golden chance to boost your living room’s aesthetic. With Gardyn’s hydroponic home kit, you can utilize those dormant, empty corners of your living room by growing healthy, nutritious plants.

It doesn’t matter whether you want to go with fruits, veggies, or herbs; Gardyn’s vertical garden will blend smoothly with your gardening needs and requirements.

Gardyn’s patented HydroponicsTM technology provides gardeners with unparalleled plant density, revolutionary machine vision, a vast plant portfolio, and self-sustaining water management, all enclosed in an eye-catching, elegant tower design.

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