13 Signs Your House Is Haunted


Picture this scenario: you find yourself in the cosiness of your own home when suddenly, the mysterious sound of footsteps appears seemingly from thin air, or perhaps you spot a shadow momentarily in the corner of your eye. Could it be that your mind is toying with you? Do you have the courage to explore these mysterious sounds or shadow figures lurking in a corner?

Whether you have doubts or believe in the supernatural, something is intriguing about a haunted home. From unexplained noises to tales of resident ghosts, the stories involving the paranormal send shivers down our spines and ignite our curiosity. Grab yourself a flashlight and brace as we discuss the thirteen signs that point to your home being haunted.

Mysterious Noises

Have you ever experienced those whispers that you hear late at night or the footsteps echoing in your home? These eerie noises are greetings from another dimension, leaving you to wonder whether they’re just figments of your imagination or something truly extraordinary. Besides unexplainable footsteps, signs of a haunted house include sounds like tapping, knocking or voices. These sounds can range from murmurs to loud crashes and inexplicable footsteps. They may occur suddenly without any apparent source suggesting the existence of a ghostly visitor.

Lights Flickering

If your lights start flickering, it’s not because of a faulty bulb; it could be an attempt by a supernatural entity to make contact. If your lights flicker without any pattern, it might indicate the spirit’s effort to communicate with you. The flickering could be sporadic or persistently depending on the spirit’s intentions. If you’ve been experiencing these incidents, it might be worth exploring the world of ghostly hauntings and learn more about haunted houses to gain more insights about the supernatural.

Cold Spots

Have you ever noticed areas in your house that feel colder than normal, even when the heating is turned on? A sudden temperature drop could suggest the presence of a ghost. Sometimes, you may feel a chill or encounter an unusually cold spot in your house, even when the air conditioning or heating system is on. This could possibly indicate the presence of a haunting.

Vanishing Objects

Have you ever had the experience of losing your belongings only to find them in random places later on? It could be forgetfulness or mischievous beings playing a game by hiding and then revealing your items. These occurrences suggest the existence of phenomena.

Sightings of Apparitions

Different forms and durations of apparitions are commonly witnessed in houses, making them the most frequently recorded supernatural events. Ghostly figures, sometimes appearing as shadows, can be seen in various parts of a home and vanish just as suddenly as they appear.

Unusual Smells

Unusual smells can serve as indicators that something isn’t quite right. You might come across fragrances such as flowers, perfume, cigar smoke or even more unpleasant odours like rotten eggs.


These smells can vary depending on the level of negativity associated with the entity.

Mysterious Shadows

Shadow figures tend to evoke both distress and fascination; they occasionally manifest themselves in locations. Many television shows centred around ghost hunting have captured images of these shadow figures, leading to discussions about this phenomenon. If you ever come across figures, they may appear briefly or persist for an extended period of time.

Objects Moving

If inanimate objects start moving on their own it’s often seen as a sign that your house might be haunted. You might notice things shifting without any cause for it. When items get displaced without an explanation, it suggests that paranormal activity could be at play. But don’t worry much; it could just be the presence of a friendly ghost lending a hand or a mischievous entity looking for some entertainment.

Electronic Devices Malfunctioning

Haunted houses often experience disruptions characterised by malfunctions of electronic devices. Sometimes strange events occur within homes, such as televisions turning on and off by themselves and computers crashing out of the blue. Additionally, people may hear sounds coming from electronic devices. These occurrences can disrupt your routine and create discomfort.

Unsettling Feelings

Haunted houses often encounter disturbances where devices suddenly stop functioning. Occasionally, inexplicable incidents take place within homes, too. For example, you may hear peculiar noises from devices or feel uneasy in certain rooms. These feelings can be temporary or persist throughout your time in the house. Trust your instincts if you experience a sense of unease or dread creeping over you in specific areas of your home.

Recorded Voices

Recorded voices can be used as evidence of activity. EVP devices can capture whispered voices, dialogues or complete conversations.

Furniture Moving

When furniture starts moving on its own it’s an indication of activity. Witnessing furniture rearranging or shifting without explanation can create an uneasy feeling and make you feel potentially in danger.

Sensing a Presence

Sometimes, you might have a sense that something’s not quite right. You may feel watched or uneasy in parts of your home.


Detecting the presence of a being can vary in duration depending on your sensitivity.

Final Thoughts

If you notice any of these signs in your home, you may live in a house. While it’s vital to approach situations with caution, exploring the possibility of supernatural phenomena can also be intriguing. Whether or not you believe in spirits, encountering events in your home can be an eerie and unsettling experience.

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