A House For A Techy: Crypto-Inspired Interior Ideas

Many young cryptocurrency enthusiasts are embracing minimalism and eco-friendly interior design, though a niche group still favors maximalist, crypto-themed aesthetics.

When we talk about luxury homes these days, it might not be something that we usually have in mind with baroque touch or rococo influence. New and young billionaires these days mostly opt for minimalism, especially those who made their names through cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency mining has faced criticism due to its environmental impact, but it’s also driving innovation in green technologies. This has led to an increased focus on sustainability and eco-friendly decor in interior design in this community.

When Jeremy Lim, the 27-year-old head of research and development at his self-founded crypto trading firm, embarked on the renovation of his 818 sq ft, two-bedroom unit apartment in Singapore, he chose this path.

While most of the carpentry in the home features cherry wood, the kitchen exhibits lighter and neutral tones that complement the wood elements, creating a “rustic contemporary” style. The exposed timber beams replace a false ceiling, running horizontally across the living and dining room ceilings and vertically down the dining feature wall, adding grandeur to the high ceiling and visually connecting the spaces.

LED light strips along the length of the beams accentuate the wood grain and texture. The small, oddly shaped balcony was brought to life with textured green paint and Peranakan-style patterned tiles, turning it into a usable art piece. Meanwhile, the master bedroom is adorned with dark and rich color scheme.

“I do not like showing off or standing out and I wear only plain tees. I keep a relatively low profile, but I want to express my individuality,” Lim said. “The design of my home reflects this by being different, but is not extravagant or gaudy.”

The Use of Sustainable Materials

  • With the profits from cryptocurrency investments, individuals are investing in energy-efficient home upgrades. This includes smart thermostats, solar panels, and LED lighting, reducing both energy consumption and utility costs. However, although many dream of a fully smart home, some opt for its polar opposite.
  • In a world inundated with digital information, many people are embracing digital minimalism in their physical spaces. This involves reducing the number of electronic gadgets, focusing on essential technology, and emphasizing natural elements in interior design.

In addition, cryptocurrency advocates are becoming more conscious of their carbon footprint. This is translating into a preference for interior decor made from sustainable materials, such as reclaimed wood, recycled metal, and low-VOC paints.


This is usually paired with muted and natural tones, such as wood, sage, and taupe. The earthy palette will be a great place to work for these tech enthusiasts as they create less distraction and are easier on the eyes. Imagine chilling in a Japandi lounge after a long day of coding or playing all the crash games available between trading sessions.

The Return of Maximalism

Despite the raging trend towards minimalism, there are still a small number of people who prefer to live in a maximalist way. After all, the digital realm has always been identical with bright lights and neon colors. Crypto-themed interior design ideas offer a fresh and futuristic approach to decorating your living space.

Blockchain technology is at the core of cryptocurrencies, and it can be a central theme in your interior design. Take inspiration from popular cryptocurrencies when choosing your color palette. Bitcoin’s gold and white, Ethereum’s blue, or the vibrant colors of altcoins like Ripple can serve as a basis for your room’s color scheme. These colors can be applied to your walls, furniture, or decorative elements.

Consider incorporating blockchain-inspired art pieces into your decor. Paintings or sculptures featuring blockchain patterns and symbols can serve as conversation starters and add a unique touch to your space. Some companies even create cryptocurrency-themed wallpaper, which will turn any surface into a focal point.

It can also translate to an NFT gallery wall. Purchase digital art pieces as NFTs and display them in digital frames or on screens. This dynamic gallery can be easily updated with new acquisitions, keeping your decor fresh and relevant.

Cryptocurrency-themed merchandise is readily available, featuring logos and slogans from various digital currencies. Crypto-branded pillows, blankets, or even rugs can add a playful touch to your decor.

Illuminate your space with crypto-inspired lighting fixtures. Bitcoin-shaped pendant lamps, chandeliers, or even LED wall sconces can create a captivating focal point in your room. These fixtures serve as both functional lighting and eye-catching decor.


Extend your crypto-themed decor to your outdoor space with a crypto garden. Plant flowers and shrubs in pots featuring cryptocurrency logos, or paint your own crypto-themed designs on terracotta planters. This creative garden will showcase your passion for digital assets.

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