How to Cut Quartz Countertops?

Quartz countertops are an amazing option for anyone who is looking to renovate their kitchen or bathroom with a durable and long-lasting material. It is a very low-maintenance material and offers a wide variety of colors and patterns.

If you are interested in renovating your home with this amazing stone, keep reading to learn about how to cut quartz countertops. In this post, you will find out about all of the necessary tools, steps, and the best tips!

Necessary Tools

In order to reduce the risk of any problems occurring while you are cutting your countertops, it is important to have the necessary tools in hand. These tools make the cutting process much smoother and will help you through easy steps.

First of all, to correctly measure the slab you will need a few tools like a tape measure, ruler, marker, and masking tape. These will help you mark exactly where to cut so that you don’t end up with ill-fitting countertops or wonky edges. You can measure the space the countertops are going to be installed in with the tape measure, ensure that the edges are straight with the ruler, and mark where to cut with the masking tape and pen.

Safety First

You will also need some safety precautions, such as work gloves to protect your hands and to ensure the saw doesn’t slip. Safety glasses will protect your eyes from the quartz particles that will fly up as you cut the slab, and a mask will prevent you from breathing in the quartz dust. Breathing in quartz can have significant long-term results. Similarly, if quartz dust gets into your eyes, it could cause irreversible damage.

Therefore, safety precautions should be taken very seriously and should not be skipped.

Another thing to have before starting is a safe and closed-off space for you to work on this project. Having a separate room or a garage, you can work in is essential so that any pets or kids don’t run in. Moreover, a secluded room will keep distractions away, thus lessening the chance of making a mistake while cutting the quartz slab.


Last but not least, of course, you need the right cutting tools. The best choice for this task is to either use a circular saw or a wet saw. Both options have their strengths; the choice between the two depends on the results you want to achieve. Regardless, you will need a diamond blade to cut through the quartz slab.

Making the Measurements

Set yourself up for success by paying the necessary attention to the preparation steps before start cutting the slab. You have spent a considerable amount of money on a slab and took time and effort to pick the right color and pattern. It would be a shame to ruin it just because you were impatient while doing the measurements.

Measure the exact size the countertops need to be so that it fits on top of the cabinets perfectly. If you are having any doubts, it is better to have it too big than too small. If, in the end, you discover that the countertop is too big, you can take it from the sides once again. However, if it is too small, there is no going back.

Use the ruler and the measuring tape to correctly determine the size and straight edges of the countertops. Double, or even triple-check to make sure the measurements are correct, and they are correctly being marked on the slab.

Use the masking tape as a base for the marker. Stick it through every edge you are going to cut, then use a marker or a pen to mark the cutting lines. Using masking tape instead of directly marking the slab will be a beneficial step in the long run because the tape will hold the quartz together during the cutting process, preventing the edges of the stone from chipping under the stress of the blade.

Moreover, the masking tape will be more visible on the stone compared to directly marking the surface with a pen, providing further assistance.

Select the Right Tools

Selecting the right cutting tool is an essential step to achieve your desired outcome. Diamond blades are the best choice as they are the hardest option. However, picking a diamond blade that is specifically designed for cutting quartz will be even more effective as these are made with industrial-grade diamonds.

The next step involves picking between using a wet or a dry saw. Wet cutting involves a water cooling system that minimizes dust, thus making less of a mess. Moreover, it reduces the saw heating up when it is running.

On the other hand, the dry-cutting process might be necessary for the use of certain tools, providing more versatility. Whereas it will cause more dust. The cutting method depends on your tools and preferences. In the end, you must make sure that your diamond blade and saw are compatible with each other.


Install the diamond blade onto the circular or wet saw following the manufacturer’s instructions. Pay close attention to the specific steps of securing the blade so that it is tightly fastened. Wobbling during cutting will cause chipping on the stone and can even cause damage to the tool you are using.

Adjust the blade depth to be ever so slightly thicker than the thickness of the slab you are cutting. This is to ensure that the blade doesn’t go through the surface that is holding the countertop, too.

Put on all of your safety gear, including your glasses, gloves, and mask. You can also wear protective headphones to cover your ears if you are worried about the noise being damaging. If you are in a closed space, you can open the windows so that the space is well-ventilated. This is especially important if you are using a dry saw.

Close all of the doors that allow entrance into the room. Make sure to wear clothing that doesn’t pose the risk of getting tangled or cause any inconvenience.

Making the Cut

Now that you are about to actually cut the quartz countertops, don’t forget to approach the task with precision and care. With everything set up and ready to go, turn on the saw to check if the blade is running smoothly without any wobbling or skipping. Afterward, align it with the line you have previously marked on the measuring tape. Accurately aligning the blade from the start will help you in making a straight and correct cut throughout the process.

As the blade comes into contact with stone, don’t put pressure on it. Don’t try to use force to cut the stone. The diamond blade is much harder than the quartz; it will cut without a problem. What you need to do is just guide it while letting the blade do the job on its own.


Slightly lower the blade and push it towards the opposite end of where you’ve started from. As long as you apply slight, steady pressure and hold it straight, you won’t encounter an issue. Moreover, letting the blade do the work will also lessen the risk of chipping the slab.

Make sure to correctly support the slab as you are cutting through. If it is a particularly big slab, you can purchase clips ahead of time and secure the slab to the surface you are working on. Alternatively, having a heavy and strong working surface will help prevent vibrations and deliver more control.

Maintain a firm grip on the saw all the way through. If you notice any problem with the saw, stop immediately to reassess the tools and to make sure a malfunction isn’t happening. After completing the cut all the way through until you reach the end of the marked line, allow the blade to come to a complete stop before lifting it off of the stone.

Now that the cut is complete remove the tape to inspect the cut and make sure there isn’t any chipping. If the edges are too rough, you can use a diamond polishing pad to sand down the jagged edges, giving the countertops a finished and polished look.

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