How to Replicate High-Class Casino Interiors

Although the physical games may be the same if you’re playing real money poker online, it’s really not going to match up to an actual casino in terms of the atmosphere or the decor unless you go all-out. That’s not to say that gambling enthusiasts can’t recreate the look at home if they really tried, so let’s have a look at what you’ll traditionally find in a high-class establishment.

Powerful Patterned Carpet

When you’re in a casino, one of the most evident aspects is the decorated floor. While some more contemporary venues have marble, many classic casinos in Las Vegas still have rich, powerful carpets. While many of these designs can be bespoke, that doesn’t mean you can’t get something similar to evoke the same feeling. You must look for a thick, woven carpet with an outrageous pattern and rich colors to match the rest of your room.

Cushioned Comfy Furniture

Casinos always want to make their customers comfortable in the venue. That’s because they don’t like the customers to leave and, theoretically, spend more money. One way this is achieved is by having high-quality furniture that puts casino-goers at ease and in incredible comfort. In most casinos, this means having thick, cushioned chairs that swivel, allowing players to sit precisely how they want. This is perhaps where you do want to go all out even if you’re just playing online real money poker because a bad computer chair will destroy your back.

Gambling Surfaces

Casinos need a surface on which to play the casino games. After all, gambling would be tricky without tables where you can play poker! While different casinos have varying budgets, the quality of the playing surface is usually not something that differs too much, as casinos want to instill confidence in the players. Industry-standard poker tables can’t simply be bought at the hardware store but you could try to make your own with some woodworking and felt application. Failing that, another option would be to speak to a gambling apparatus dealer, who can sell all such things as a poker table, roulette wheel, etc. Although it may be rather costly, you must maintain it regularly to ensure that it stays up to casino quality. These surfaces should all be finished with splendid upholstery, i.e., a quality leather material that elevates the aesthetics of the furniture.

Bright Lighting

Another critical component of a casino functioning properly is having sufficient lighting. A well-illuminated room will ensure that the players can see their hand of cards and how the rest of the game is playing out.


These light sources can be chandeliers or other fancy light fittings; the critical factor is that they shine light and make the games visible.

Lounge and Bar Area

Any casino worth its salt will have a dedicated area where patrons can take a break from all the gambling activity. This allows players time to assess their play session and what games they want to play next. Or they can enjoy a beverage and sit back while they do so. The chances are that you already have an area where you like to lounge in your accommodation. If you want to make it more casino-like, add some neon lights set to mood lighting and potentially a bar, along with some alcohol to get the casino lounge experience at home.

Plenty of Bar Stools

Another seating option often seen in casinos is a traditional bar stool. Whether they have a backrest or not, these are often deployed at the casino bar and slot machines. They make for an efficient way of offering a seat while guests visit the venue. While not the most attractive seat to put in your home, they can be implemented in contemporary kitchen designs, especially those with a kitchen island or breakfast bar setup.

Luxury Touches and Finishes

While you might not see this immediately, pay close attention to the details in a casino. Everything will be upscaled to a prestigious level in an up-scale quality casino. A door handle will be a golden door handle, a chrome light switch, and those additional delicate touches will elevate the experience.


 The added glam touches make the casino a bit more special. Luckily, such polishes and upgrades are easily implemented in your home by switching out plastic or regular material fittings with prestigious material versions.


It might be an uphill project to make your living quarters in a like-for-like casino design, but it is not impossible. Some elements, like adding glam touches to your pre-existing room elements, are quick wins; however, procuring a poker table might be more financially challenging.

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