Should Bathroom Rugs and Towels Match? (Do’s and Don’t s)

The decor of a bathroom can greatly influence the overall ambiance and aesthetic of a home.

One of the many questions that homeowners often ask themselves is whether or not their bathroom rugs and towels should match.

Bathroom rugs and towels are often overlooked as part of a bathroom’s visual appeal, as we tend to focus on their primary purposes and the way they perform their basic function.

While it’s important to have rugs and towels that will perform well and be durable, they also can contribute to the overall feel and atmosphere in this intimate space.

However, it takes more than just using any rugs and towels to achieve this.

For a full effect, you’ll need to put some effort into the arrangement and color coordination, which brings us to the question should bathroom rugs and towels match?

Some believe that matching these items is necessary for a cohesive look, while others prefer to mix and match colors and patterns for a more eclectic vibe.

In this article, I’ll explore both sides of the debate and offer some tips on how to make the right decision for your bathroom decor.

Should Bathroom Rugs and Towels Match?

While this is ultimately a matter of personal preference, matching bathroom rugs and towels is generally a good idea.

It will give the entire space a sleek and elegant look while providing the feeling of continuity throughout the whole bathroom.

It’s important to achieve the right level of coordination between these two items so that every visit to the bathroom will be pleasant and enjoyable.

This means staying away from towel-rug combinations that are too plain, as that may give your bathroom a boring and lifeless feel.

On the other hand, matching colors that are too bright and vibrant could make the room feel too busy and not relaxing at all.

So, if you want to match bathroom rugs and towels, striking the right balance is the key.

How to Match Bathroom Rugs and Towels

Bathroom with rug and towel.

Having bathroom rugs and towels match doesn’t necessarily mean that they need to be of the same color, but they should follow a common theme and complement each other.

Of course, if you want, you can achieve a uniform look in the entire space by choosing the same color for towels and rugs and having that color match the bathroom vanities.

Alternatively, another combination that looks great is mixing the two colors for the towels and having a rug in one of those two colors.

In all this color matching, you should always pay attention to other items in the bathroom, and have at least a touch of color on rugs and towels completing them.

So, if your bathroom elements such as the bath, sink, and toilet are white as they are in most houses, you can have two-color towels, where one color will be white, while the other would match the rugs.

Should All Bathroom Towels Match?

When shopping for bathroom towels, you’ll typically have the option of buying them in sets or purchasing each towel separately.

This means that you can simply buy a set and have all your towels match.

However, you can also get creative and have your towels in different colors, especially since commonly you will have three towels in the bathroom – bath, hand, and face towel.

For example, you can have one white towel, the second one in the color matching bathroom vanities, and the third one in the color of the rug.

Also, pay attention to which colors can work together and which complement each other.

Green and orange, for example, will both complement yellow, but won’t look too good next to each other.

These are, of course, just examples, as the only limit in how you will match the towels is your own personal sense of style,

Picking the Bathroom Rug Color

Even though they will rarely be the first thing on your mind when deciding how your bathroom will look, rugs can easily liven up the entire space and add some spice and color.

It all depends on what you’re trying to accomplish. You can have some fun with the rug color and add some eccentric to the bathroom interior or go for a more classic look.

Another option is to choose calm and warm rug colors, such as beige, brown, or pale green, which will help create a relaxing atmosphere and make you feel like you’re in a spa.

Matching the rug color with towels will only further enhance the tone and the feel you’re trying to achieve.

Bathroom Towels Buying Guide

There are a couple of factors to consider to make sure your towels perfectly fit your bathroom and at the same time properly perform their basic function,

Bathroom Colors

To ensure visual coordination and continuity across the entire bathroom, you should consider the colors of other bathroom elements when shopping for towels.

This includes bathroom vanities, such as cabinets, sinks, toilet seats, and bathtubs, as well as the color of floors and tiles.

You should use these colors as a starting point and a guide when picking the towels.

You can use the towels to complement the existing colors and accentuate the general feel of the room even further.

On the other hand, you can also be bold and use towels to break up the monotony and go with sharper and stronger colors to brighten up the space.


Needless to say, besides looking good, you also want your towel to serve its basic purpose.

The towel that perfectly matches the rug and the rest of the bathroom won’t be worth much if you can’t properly clean and wipe yourself with it.

While many people prefer soft towels, softness doesn’t necessarily translate to better performance.

In fact, it’s often the more coarse towels that will absorb the water better and be more useful. As for the fabric, cotton is by far the most popular, and for a good reason.

Cotton towels, especially those made of combed cotton, are the most absorbent, take less time to dry, and are more durable than towels made of other materials.

To find the best-performing towels, look for those that have the most loops per square inch.


The size of round rug towels is typically between 30 x 60 inches to 40 x 72 inches, while hand towels range from 16 x 26 inches to 18 x 32 inches.

The size of bath towels is typically between 30 x 60 inches to 40 x 72 inches, while hand towels range from 16 x 26 inches to 18 x 32 inches.

The smallest ones, face towels, usually started at 11 x 18 inches.

Which size you’ll choose should completely depend on your personal preferences and what makes you feel comfortable.

Bathrooms Rugs Buying Guide

Similar to shopping for towels, the purchase of a bathroom rug should only be made based on an informed decision, after taking several important factors into consideration.

Bathroom Size

The rug shouldn’t be too big or too small for the bathroom. Of course, the bigger the bathroom, you’ll need the bigger rugs, so they can fulfill their basic purpose.

Still, you should be careful not to overcrowd the bathroom, make it too stuffy, and create a trip hazard.

Rug Placement

You’ll also need to think about where you’re going to place the bathroom rug.

This will mainly depend on the bathroom design, but, typically, the larger rugs should be in front of the bathtub, while the smaller ones look good in the areas next to the sink or the toilet.

This will vary depending on the size of the bathtub or if there’s even one in the bathroom or the number of sinks.

Another thing to consider is whether you want just one, bigger, rug, or a couple of small ones.

Before purchasing the rug, make sore to precisely measure the available space on the bathroom floor, so the rug fits perfectly.

Color Matching

I already established that it’s a good idea to have your bathroom rugs match the color of the towels.

Still, you will also have to pay attention to other items in the bathroom and make sure the rug matches the overall color palette.

Firstly, you’ll need to think about the floor and avoid dark-colored rugs if the floor is dark, and vice-versa.

Also, for a cohesive look, the rug should match the color toilet, shower, vanity, faucets, and other bathroom fixtures,

Finally, consider the lighting in your bathroom. With very bright lighting, it’s better to opt for a darker rug and the other way around.


The best answer to the question should “bathroom rugs and towels match” is that everyone should decide for themselves based on their personal preference.

Still, if you want your bathroom to look like a cohesive unit and provide a cozy and relaxing feel, it’s best to have your towels and rugs match.

There are many ways to do this and you can have them fully match or just pick colors that will complement each other.

You may even try several different combinations until you find the one that you feel is the best.

However, remember towels and rugs are only a part of what your bathroom will look like.

So, make sure to take the entire bathroom design into the account and have your rugs and towels match the overall theme of the whole space.

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