Spruce Up Your Space With Contemporary Interior Designing


When someone talks about a contemporary home, the picture that comes to our mind is clean, minimal interiors that are welcoming and sophisticated. But it’s easy to confuse modern designwith contemporary design.

Contemporary design is classic yet timeless. Thanks to its minimal, clutter-free, simple approach that will never look outdated. Modern design, on the other hand, looks cold, unwelcoming, and overtly minimal. When you enter a contemporary house, you will immediately feel a sense of calmness. This is why many homeowners are choosing this style over anything else.

The furniture pieces, textiles, and accessories are what separates modern design from interior design. For example, if you look at CeTerra Accents & Interiors, you will find accessories and furniture pieces that look contemporary and rustic. With the help of these online stores, you can turn your vision into a living reality.

Are you still confused about contemporary interior design? Here are a few key elements that are the differentiating factor between contemporary and modern interior design.

Key Elements of Contemporary Interior Designing

The Color Scheme:

The colors that you include in your house can make or break the overall look. Contemporary style means neutral colors, with beige, white, and black being the primary colors. When designing your home in a contemporary style, you must ensure that you have one neutral color that holds the whole look together. For instance, you can have a solid black carpet that can be the binding color with light-colored walls, preferably beige or white. However, this doesn’t mean the whole room must be dull and muted. Adding an accent wall or a bright, colorful art piece, you can add a splash of life to the otherwise monochromatic design.

The Line and the Spacing:

Lines are one of the most essential elements of contemporary design. Looking at any contemporary interior design, you will see visible solid lines in the architecture or how things are laid out. It is not necessary that the lines have to be straight; they can be horizontal and even curved. The line can be found in how the furniture is placed, the architectural design of the windows and ceilings, and accessories such as paintings, carpets, and pillow covers.


Moreover, in this type of interior design, the furniture is spaced to make the area look clutter-free and minimal. For example, if you are designing your bedroom in a contemporary style, you must place particular importance on the furniture placement. You must measure the floor space and use every bit wisely to make it look less cluttered.

The Furniture Style:

When designing the interiors of your house in a contemporary style, remember that less is more. Select furniture that is smooth and has a clean geometric silhouette. Your furniture shouldn’t look over the top, and the colors should, of course, be neutral. The placement of the furniture should be simple, uncomplicated, and uncluttered. You can opt for holstered furniture with colors such as white or beige and natural fibers such as cotton, jute, linen, and silk. Further, to add a pop of color, you can throw on colorful pillows.

The Accessories:

Though the furniture and the colors of the wall are generally muted, the one area where you can get as creative as possible is the accessories. From lights, lamps, and decor pieces to art pieces, you must let your creative juices flow in this area. The accessories can make or break the look of the house and are the most crucial elements that turn your home from looking “just good” to amazing! You can choose accessories that have an element of wood, stone, or metal to match the overall theme. To soften the look, you can also opt for plain color fabric with a bit of texture for the curtains, rugs, and cushions.

The Lighting:

Cove lighting and indirect lighting suits best in contemporary styles. Also, include a metallic touch to your light fixtures.


Another element that you can add to your home is spotlights or lights directed toward a painting or a big accent piece. This will help draw attention to the exciting elements of your home.


The contemporary style of interior designing is taking the world by storm due to its simple, uncomplicated, yet welcoming elements. This interior design style focuses on creating a space that feels calm, and who doesn’t want to come to a home that makes you feel a sense of peace? If you get the key elements of this design style right, you have nailed the whole look. So get ready to change your house and your life for the better with contemporary interiors.

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