Are Hanging Plants Out Of Style In 2023?

One of the best and most practical ways to introduce more greenery to your home is to add some hanging plants.

Coming in various shapes, sizes, and colors and with different ways to hang them, these plants can help you add some personal touch to your living space and create a unique look for the whole room.

Hanging plants first became hugely popular more than half a century ago, and have been a staple in many homes ever since.

However, with interior design trends constantly changing and evolving, many homeowners have been asking are hanging plants out of style.

Below, I’ll dig deeper into this and explain how in sync are hanging plants with current home decor trends.

Are Hanging Plants Out of Style?

When looking into contemporary trends, we can, with full certainty, say that hanging plants are still very much in style.

Indoor plants in general are go-to items for many interior designers when it comes to adding life into otherwise dull rooms and bringing a bit of outdoor feeling inside.

They effortlessly complement all the other interior decor elements and make the indoor air fresher and cleaner which is one of the main points in modern home design.

Hanging plants fit the current tendencies particularly well as they address another common issue of present-day interior design – the lack of space.

So, hanging plants are not only still in style, but we can hardly see that changing any time soon.

Why are Hanging Plants Always in Style?

Plant hanging from the ceiling.

The explanation why hanging plants are not likely to go out of style in the foreseeable future lies in the plethora of various benefits they bring to every home.

There are multiple reasons why hanging plants are a great fit for any home and I go over the most significant ones.

Hanging Plants Work Great in Small Spaces

The main reason why many homeowners and interior designers opt to include hanging plants in home decor is that they provide an opportunity to use the available space much more efficiently.

Having your plants hang from the ceiling or the walls frees up valuable space elsewhere, especially when it comes to more compact areas, such as home offices or smaller living rooms.

Enthusiastic plant collectors can always use the extra room on the window sills or the floor for other plants, while others may use the newly-created free space for other home design items.

Hanging Plants Often Look Better

Elevating your home plants and placing them at eye level, will put them more in focus and allow them to catch the eye more often and shine in their full glory.

Plus, some plants are simply more aesthetically appealing when hanging from above.

This includes plants that feature training foliage, such as String of Pearls, Siver Inch Plant, or English Ivy.

For full visual effect, you should look to find the particular hanging plant that works with each room and pick the right style of hanging planter.

In general, you should place colorful and expressive plants with long vines in the living room, smaller and more practical ones in the kitchen, tropical hanging plants in the bathroom, and small and minimalistic varieties in the bedroom.

Of course, you can get creative and experiment with different combinations until you find the perfect one.

Hanging Plants are Pet and Kids Friendly

Another reason why hanging plants are still in style is that they’re perfectly safe and practical for families that have small kids and pets.

Pets, in particular, can be an issue when you have plants located on the floor as their curiosity will often lead them to mistake the plants for their lunch.

This will not only be damaging to your plants but can be very harmful to the pets, as some of the house plants contain toxins that can seriously jeopardize the health of dogs and cats.

With hanging plants you won’t have to worry about any of that, as they will be safely out of reach.

Hanging Plants Improve Air Quality in Your Home

Like all plants, hanging varieties play an important role in filtering out the pollutants that certainly can be found in the air inside your home.

As the air we breathe is generally highly polluted, hanging plants will at least help you enjoy the fresher and cleaner environment in your own home.

Hanging Plants Have Positive Effect On Mental Health

Numerous scientific studies have confirmed the positive effect indoor plants have on the mental health of everyone in the household.

Hanging plants are particularly efficient in creating a calm, peaceful, and almost zen-like environment.

This is especially valuable considering all the stress of modern life and its negative impact on our mental health.

Having hanging plants in your home is one of the simplest and most affordable ways to bring some beauty and serenity into your everyday life.

There’s no substitute for the comfort and natural calmness plants can bring after a hard and stressful day of work.

In addition, some studies have also shown that spending time in an environment wiht plenty of greenery can positively impact overall health and help people recuperate much faster after surgeries and different types of illnesses.

How To Make A Plant Hanger

Plant hanger with three flower pots.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to make a plant hanger using strings and a keyring:

Step 1:

Cut four pieces of string of the same length. It’s better to cut them longer than needed, maybe about 6 feet, so that you can trim them later if required.

Step 2:

Loop the strings through the keyring, making sure that the ends are even. Tie a knot just below the keyring, so that you have four pieces of string on each side.

Step 3:

Find a sturdy object to loop the keyring around, for example, a chair leg. This will make it easier to make knots.

Estimate where you want the first pot to be and create four knots by tying the two pieces of string closest to each other together.

Step 4:

About two inches down from the first set of knots (or more, if the pot is bigger), create a weave by tying the cross pieces together.

Step 5:

Tie the outside pieces together to form a circle. Check if the pot fits in the opening properly, and adjust the knots if necessary.

Step 6:

Tie all eight strings together at the point where you want your pot to rest. Repeat the entire process two more times to create additional hangers.


Hanging plants have been in style for a while and, most likely, will remain trendy for a long time to come.

There’s hardly a better and more practical way to bring greenery into your home environment and still preserve valuable space.

Hanging the plants can also allow you to creatively express yourself as there are almost limitless ways to arrange and style them.

For many, hanging plants are no less valuable in home decor than artwork or stylish pieces of furniture.

Even though they can be more difficult to care for than floor plants, the results make them more than worth the effort.

The positive effect of hanging plants on the visual appeal of your home, air quality, mental health, and safety of your kids and pets are a guarantee that they aren’t going anywhere any time soon and will remain a staple of home design for years to come.

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