6 Types of Shower Drain Covers Explained

Sometimes, even the smallest items in the household can be of great importance. However, we usually only notice how much they matter when there's some sort of problem. A great example of this is the shower drain cover. They are rarely given a second thought until the shower drain gets ...

Cabinet vs Dresser – What’s The Difference?

Most homeowners want beautiful and unique pieces of furniture that will add class and elegance to their living space and nicely complement other interior design elements. However, when it comes to furniture, there's more to it than just aesthetics. You have to carefully consider the ...

What To Put Between Two Mirrors In Bathroom? (11 Suggestions)

Nowadays, many bathrooms feature two mirrors. And, if you have enough room, you might even have a double sink. These bathroom trends can make your home look more spacious and stylish. But, how should you decorate a bathroom with two mirrors or a double sink? It's important to consider ...

Floor Sink VS Floor Drain – What’s The Difference?

When designing a new bathroom or renovating an old one, most homeowners tend to pay the most attention to toilets, bathtubs, or washbasins. Rarely do people give much thought to floor sinks or floor drains. Even though every house has them, as they're mostly out of sight, they often get ...

How Tall (And Wide) Should a Vanity Mirror Be? (Explained!)

Nothing completes the bathroom's overall aesthetics so well as a perfectly shaped and sized vanity mirror. It's a visual focal point of the whole bathroom and determines the dominant tone of the entire space. A vanity mirror can balance out all the other bathroom elements and make the room ...

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