How High to Hang Mirror Over Dresser? (Solved)

As most bedrooms don’t have many pieces of furniture, dressers are usually the focal points of the whole room.

However, a dresser on its own can feel a bit plain and incomplete. Hanging a mirror above is the best way to add some flair to it.

Besides being stylish, a mirror over the dresser has a practical purpose. It creates a perfect spot to do your makeup, hairstyling, or just to check how you look.

It’s no wonder that classic dressers used to come with mirrors attached to them. With most modern dressers, you’ll have to add the mirror yourself.

The good side of this is that it gives you more freedom to create the look you want. However, it also brings some questions about the way a mirror should be hung.

The most common of those is how high to hang a mirror over a dresser?

In this post, I’ll go over everything you need to know about hanging a mirror over a dresser, including the proper height and placement.

So, let’s dive in and learn how to hang a mirror over a dresser like a pro.

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How High To Hang Mirror Over Dresser?

Wooden dresser with wall mirror.

For the mirror above the dresser to fully fit its purpose, it should be properly positioned. The height at which you hang the mirror is the first thing you should pay attention to.

If it’s too low, almost touching the dresser, you’ll lose the much-needed effect of a visual break.

Plus, it may reflect all the stuff on the dresser, making the whole space feel cluttered. If you hang it too high, it may lose its basic purpose, as you likely won’t be able to see yourself clearly.

The exact height of the mirror will depend on how tall the dresser is. If the dresser is 35 inches or less, hang the mirror 10 or 12 inches above it.

For dressers taller than 35 inches, you should leave the space of 4-8 inches between the top of the dresser and the bottom edge of the mirror.

How To Hang Mirror Over Dresser?

Hanging the mirror over the dresser is a fairly easy and simple job that you can do by yourself.

All you have to do to properly hand the mirror over the dresser is follow a few simple steps.

Find The Dresser’s Central Point

A tape measure will be your best friend while hanging the mirror above the dresser. First, use it to determine the center point of the dresser and align the mirror to it.

Take the mirror and put it on top of the dresser.

Measure the distance from the sides of the dresser to the sides of the mirror to make sure that the mirror is centered on the dresser.

You can use a pencil or crayon to mark where the edges of the mirror should be and to mark the central point of the mirror on the wall.

By doing this, you’ll ensure that the mirror isn’t tilted to the left or right which can completely throw off the balance of the whole wall space.

Determine The Height Of The Mirror

Next, you should determine how high to hang the mirror.

As mentioned above, the space between the dresser and the mirror will depend on the height of the dresser.

At this point, it’s a good idea to ask for help from a family member.

You’ll need someone to hold up the mirror to the wall while you measure the appropriate height.

As for the exact height, measurements follow the guidelines I wrote about above. So, 10-12 inches of space for the lower dressers and 4-8 inches for the higher ones.

Of course, the final decision will depend on your personal preference. Remember to mark the height on the wall, so you’ll know where the mirror should be positioned.

Drill The Holes In The Wall

Once you’re done taking the measurements, you can start drilling holes in the wall.

First, precisely measure the distance between the edges of the mirror and the hangers so you’ll know where to drill the holes relative to the spots you’ve previously marked.

If you have a laser leveler, you can use it to make sure that the holes are in line with each other.

To make sure that the mirror is safe and secure, use 3 or 4 inches screws and fix them over studs. Alternatively, especially if the mirror is rather heavy, you can use wall anchors.

Now, all that’s left to do is set the mirror and make sure it’s positioned as you’ve imagined it.

The Shape Of The Mirror Over The Dresser

White dresser with vertical mirror over it.

A square mirror is similar in shape to the dresser, so for some people, it may look a bit dull and boring.

However, it does provide a more classic and traditional look to the room. Plus, you can liven things up with an interesting and original frame.

A round mirror contrasts nicely with the dresser and adds some flair to the whole room. Depending on the size, you can animate the space further with some other elements.

A smaller round mirror goes nicely with smaller pieces of artwork on the wall and some plants or candles on top of the dresser.

If your round mirror is large, you should keep things simple so the whole area doesn’t feel too cluttered.

Tips On Choosing A Dresser Mirror

Wooden dresser with two vertical mirrors over it.

If you want your mirror to fit perfectly above the dresser, you should pay attention to a couple of factors when deciding on its shape and size.

While the mirror is an important piece in the overall interior design, it still mainly acts as a complement to the dresser which is the focal point of the bedroom.

So, the size and shape of the mirror should be chosen with the size of the dresser in mind.

Size Of The Mirror Over The Dresser

The main principle to remember is that the mirror should never be bigger than the dresser.

It should be no more than two-thirds of the dresser when it comes to width and three-quarters in height.

Still, there is some room to operate within these restrictions to make the bedroom look exactly the way you want.

If you want to make the room seem more spacious go with the larger mirror.

Also, if you have a dresser that feels too plain and simple, a large mirror is also a good way to divert some attention.

On the other hand, the smaller mirror will make the room feel more intimate and better complement other elements.


Adding a mirror above your dresser is a great way to brighten up your bedroom.

It will also make the area around the dresser come to life, especially if it’s older and more traditional in design.

Still, to get the most out of the mirror, you should know exactly where to put it and what size and shape to choose.

The frame size and shape are actually the things that see the tone of the room’s interior.

With this in mind, you still shouldn’t be afraid to experiment and add some of your personal touches to the entire space and make it uniquely your own.

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