Online Furniture Shopping: Navigating Common Mistakes And Pitfalls


Hiking in high heels along those endless aisles of sprawling furniture shops during lunch breaks is not much fun. It’s far easier to find the perfect side table or couch online. It leaves more time for shopping at the mall’s fashion stores! Besides, it gives you time to think things through before you click the buy button and commit a chunk of money.

Don’t be nervous, but be careful. Mind these common mistakes and pitfalls of online furniture shopping. Here’s how to navigate online furniture shopping safely, securely, and successfully.

Eleven Tips For Safe Online Furniture Shopping

Mind the tricksy photography

Find websites with high-quality photographs that allow you to zoom in on the details. Suppose you cannot see the fine details, such as embossing or decorative stitching, when you zoom in on an image. That could make it challenging to determine if it will suit your style.

It is also helpful to look for pictures of the furniture from various angles. This allows you to see its proportions. Views of the furniture against interior settings can also give you a better idea of the style. However, remember that some photography tricks can make items appear larger, smaller, or different in subtle ways.

Companies also commonly enhance images using software like Photoshop. It’s common in real estate, hotel, and resort photography. It is also becoming more prevalent in the online furniture industry.

Check the colors

Showrooms use special lighting that may make a color look completely different from what you expect. Even the newest smartphone and PC displays can’t accurately reproduce colors. Screens generally make blacks look lighter than they are due to current technology restraints.

So, something that looks like a dark gray could be jet black in real life. View the item on two or three different monitors. Next, ask the supplier for the name and Hex, RGB, or HTML color codes to compare the color in real life.

Read between the lines

The product description should provide essential information about the product. It should specify the materials, construction methods or details, storage or cleaning requirements, and whether it is sustainable. It should also contain information about invisible or hidden features and alternative product use. One of the most critical pieces of information is the dimensions.

Measure everything—twice

Refrain from assuming that the furniture will fit if the dimensions match the space you have in mind. Furniture often has embellishments like deep padding on couch arms or back. The couch’s base measurements may make the footprint seem small. However, the top part may occupy a much bigger area.


Measure your doors, staircase, and the path the furniture must take inside your home. Is there a sharp twist in a corridor or two doors at ninety-degree angles? You want to avoid discovering during delivery that the padding of your gigantic 4-seater leather couch is too plump to make it through the doors!

Check out the retailer

Advanced technology lets anyone set up an online “store” from their garden shed. It’s easy to put together a scam offering where they take your money and disappear. Is the seller an honest company? What is their track record? They should have a verifiable telephone number and business address. Check if they have a long-standing social media presence. Also, check if they have good feedback on third-party review sites.

Read the returns policy

What if you can’t live with your new purchase, or the quality differs from what you had in mind? Reputable companies have a full return and refund policy you can fall back on. Read the returns policies before you buy.

Ensure you understand terms like “risk-free” and “time-limited money-back guarantee.” Make a note of special conditions like “Item must be in the original packaging.” Always keep the packaging your furniture arrived in. Keep it even after you’ve unpacked and inspected the furniture.

When you make a return, you can expect it to cost you some money. You may have to pay for the shipping. Ask questions and investigate extra fees, like restocking fees or additional tax on out-of-state purchases.

Use a safe payment method

Furniture shopping can involve a significant sum of money. Choose a safe payment method. A virtual credit card gives you some protection if things go wrong. Some stores also accept PayPal transactions, which also gives you the option to dispute some transactions. Don’t use direct bank transfers or debit card payments. You generally have no recourse if you’re unhappy with the purchase.

Don’t get fooled

Scammers frequently set up fake websites with fantastic deals. They use these sites to lure people into counterfeit transactions. When you click on a fabulous offer, they can capture your credit card details. They can also capture your home and business address and phone number.

Scammers can use this information to clear out your credit card. They can also sell the information to other scammers on the dark web. Some VPN features can help you to spot fake sites. Use an anti-malware link checker to test shopping links for malware. A dark web monitor can also help you to check if your account details are not exposed on the dark web.

 Encrypt your internet connection

Other people can see and intercept everything you do on unencrypted or public WiFi connections. You can prevent this by encrypting the connection with your VPN. Hackers can intercept sensitive login or credit card information if you log into a shopping account or social media site. If you use your credit card online, they can also intercept sensitive credit card information.

 Look for the lock

Always check a shopping site’s URL for the padlock symbol in the top left corner. If there’s no padlock icon, the site is at risk. Don’t submit any personal information, and don’t shop on unsecured sites.

 Beware of follow-up emails

You’ve clicked, bought, and now you wait for the delivery. Next, you’ll receive a series of emails informing you of the progress of your order. But keep in mind that hackers are getting very good at sending targeted phishing emails to online shoppers.


No matter what the email says, never click on the link provided. Instead, go to the website, log into your account, and check your messages in the online dashboard. Hackers use fake messages to get people to click and comprise their logs.

Some Final Thoughts

Online furniture shopping can be an excellent way to find the perfect piece for your home. However, it is crucial to pay attention to every detail. By following these tips, you can make informed decisions and avoid unpleasant surprises. Happy shopping!

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